Officials named for 103rd Grey Cup

Congratulations to the officials named to the 103rd Grey Cup Crew.

Milestone Game for Andre Proulx

Veteran CFL Official Andre Proulx worked his 300th CFL Game on September 7th in Calgary.

Congratulations goes out to Andre from the CPFOA on reaching this significant milestone.

Milestone game for Tom Vallesi

Veteran CFL official Tom Vallesi will work his 200th game this Saturday, October 24th in Winnipeg.

Congratulations from the CPFOA on a significant milestone.

Milestone Game for Kim Murphy

Veteran CFL Official Kim Murphy reached two significant milestones on November 30th. Kim worked his 400th CFL contest and his 9th Grey Cup game.

Congratulations goes out to Kim from the CPFOA ...

102 Grey Cup Crew
Front Row Ben Major, Justin McInnes, Tim Kroeker
Back Row Kim Murphy, Don Carmichael, Carey Anderson, Bryan Taylor, Marty Carreau, Andre Proulx, Ritchie Miller

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